Sunday, January 30, 2011

Casting experiments

After sculpting a Dalek in green stuff, I tought it would be cool to make a mold of it and cast my own Dalek squad, so I could play the Doctor Who miniature Games Dalek scenarios.  After all, except on rare exceptions, Daleks are never exterminate alone.

So I did some research on metal and resin casting. I concluded that the easiest would be to create my mold with Room Time Vulcanization (RTV) Silicone and cast liquid resin plastic.

Based on what I could find locally, I tried Smooth-On OOMOO and it was surprisingly easy.  The starter kit is a really good deal.  A pint of resin is sold 30$ on itself, and in the 50$ starter kit, you get a pint of resin + a pint of OOMOO, a spray bottle of sealer and a spray bottle of release agent.

Given the scale of what I wanted to cast, I was able to get a lot of mileage out of a pint of resin.  I did not plan my molds and at each pour there was some loss, but here is what I was able to produce:

  • 18 Daleks
  • 12 Dungeon doors
  • 32 25 mm square bases
  • 2 small treasure chests
  • a dozen small barrels
  • 5 large barrels
  • 36 balloon tires
The barrels are from an oop fantasy miniature and the tires from a really old Majorette amphibian vehicle.  All other parts are my own sculpt, masters being made from green stuff, plasticard and Super Sculpey.  Here's a door and an industrial base I sculpted:


 I plan on doing some more doors like airlocks, but I'll need to get a new kit as after 10 months+, the OOMOO left in in the jars was almost too thick to pour and the molds I made had too many bubbles. I had to throw it away.

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